8 Quirky Facts About Freddie Mercury

There is absolutely no denying that Freddie Mercury, the flamboyant frontman of rock group Queen, was one of the very best showmen in history. He could captivate and entertain millions with his incredible vocal range. But did you know that despite being so captivating on stage, Mercury was actually a very shy person, who rarely granted interviews? Take in these other quirky facts about one of the greatest singers who ever lived.

1. A Little Bit Catty

Mercury absolutely adored his cats, having ten of them at one point. While on tour, he would periodically call beloved friend Mary Austin, who would hold the phone up to the cats so Mercury could talk to them. He even dedicated his album Mr. Bad Guy and the song Delilah to his sweet kitties.

2. Mr. Mercury

Despite being born Farrokh Bulsara, Mercury’s official passport even read ‘Frederick Mercury.’ He wasn’t very fond of being called anything other than Freddie, a name he took prior to his Queen days. He adopted Mercury after the formation of the group.

3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Inspiration was known to strike at anytime, and his assistants were required to carry a pen and paper on them at all times just in case. For example, the lyrics for “Life Is Real” were taken down quickly while flying over the Atlantic from New York, and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was written while Mercury was in the bath. He even had his piano brought in so he could put the melody to the lyrics. The hit “Who Wants To Live Forever?” was written in a car while the band was driving back home after watching a preview of the movie Highlander.

4. He Was Very Opinionated

Mercury was known to be very opinionated. After he boarded a flight from New York to Tokyo, he found out that the plane he was on was a DC10, a particular model that had some trouble in the past. Mercury stood up, remarked, “DC death more like!” stormed off the plane and waited fourteen hours for the last seat in economy on the next flight.