20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Star Trek

9. Loads Of Old TV Props And Sets Were Used

The original series is all the more impressive when you consider Star Trek was made on a minuscule budget. Despite taking place across the universe in the far future, requiring any number of sets, outfits and make up jobs to be provided, the low-rated early series was a big risk for NBC, and so they refused to sink any particularly large amount of money into the show.

In fact the production was on such a shoestring that they frequently resorted to using props and sets from other TV shows. Quite often props were pinched from another high-cost, low-ratings series Mission: Impossible, with much of the “alien artwork” in reality discarded protective Styrofoam shipping box liners from tape recorders off that show.

And if you’re into the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis, Star Trek technically crossed over with the popular long-running sitcom The Andy Griffith Show on a couple of occasions. The episodes “Miri” and “City on the Edge of Forever” re-used iconic locales from the show such as Floyd’s Barber Shop.

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