20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Star Trek

7. Leonard Nimoy’s Dad Offered “Spock Cuts

Even when the initial make up and prosthetic plans were abandoned, Leonard Nimoy went through a lot to be Spock. Initially caused great discomfort when pulling off the fake pointy ears he had to wear as the character, and that was even after months of tests to decide on what exactly was the correct level of pointy-ness.

One producer even half-jokingly suggested that Nimoy have plastic surgery to make his ears look like Spock’s permanently, suggesting it would be less painful than constantly having to tear glue off of the side of his head. Then there was the process of shaving his eyebrows to make them appear more “Vulcan”, and the haircut…

…Well, despite all that, Spock ended up becoming something of an unlikely sex symbol for the young women watching the show. And who better to capitalise on that than Nimoy’s own father, a barber by trade, who started to offer “Spock cuts” at his salon for young men wanting to replicate the apparently sexy bowl cut.

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