20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Star Trek

6. Shatner Is A Terrible Person

Well, you probably did know that already, but you probably didn’t know the specifics. Despite it being the reason he’s known at all to the wider world, William Shatner has never watched the original series of Star Trek – neither has he sat down in front of the films, or anything he’s ever made. Which is fitting, because despite trading on his legacy, he rarely honours it.

During the making of the show and since he’s alienated almost everybody else who he ever worked with on the show, drawing ire especially from George Takei. Why exactly is he such a hated figure? Well, in Takei’s case it’s because Shatner frequently called for Sulu’s lines and overall camera time be cut down in favour of focussing more on Spock.

In fact eventually Shatner worked it into his contract that he always had to have more lines than anyone else, and frequently other actors’ lines cut or given to him instead. He also demanded his name appear 10% bigger than anybody else’s in the opening credits. Now that’s some ego.

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