20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Star Trek

19. There’s No Chest Hair In The Future

At least, that’s what Gene Roddenberry reportedly believed. Whilst many of Star Trek’s predictions for the near future have yet to be realised, apparently the Enterprise was rather prophetic when it came to the modern trend of manscaping. Maybe it’s even to blame for the culture that expects everyone to be totally waxed and shaved all over…

Anyway, that’s why William Shatner had to have his chest shaved by the studio’s barber any time he appeared topless in a scene, which happened quite a lot in the original series. On the days the actor wasn’t feeling fat, at least. Which is why the other hirsute Shatner was smooth as a Ken doll.

Roddenberry was of the considered opinion that the utopian future Star Trek was set in would men would have “little or no body hair.” Kirk had his first big half-naked scene in the episode “Charley X”, which Shatner tried to veto because he hadn’t been to the gym in a while and was feeling self-conscious. He was overruled, and the razor came out.

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