10 Greatest Bozos Of Star Fleet!

10. Captain Ronald Tracey

The Prime Directive wasn’t made exclusively to safeguard rising populaces; it’s there to safeguard individuals from Starfleet, as well. A valid example: the TOS scene “The Omega Glory.” When Captain Tracey drove the USS Exeter to Omega IV, introduction to the destructive indigenous infection executed his whole team. To aggravate matters, Captain Tracey spends whatever remains of his days (safe, and apparently eternal, upon the planet’s surface) dragging out a contention between the Yangs and Kohms. One could contend there is a distorted unselfishness in Tracey’s activities – he supposes he’s discovered a Fountain of Youth and would like to jug it. Obviously, this is a man inclined to selfishness. How improper of a Starfleet chief.

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