Secret Ending To ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Leaked By Former AMC Employee Shows Us Who Negan Killed

It’s already been a full day since we all watched the epic season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’, but there’s still one thing on our minds.Who the hell did Negan kill?

Normally we would have to wait until October for the new season to find out who died, but lucky for us, a disgruntled former AMC employee has gone ahead and leaked a secret ending to the episode.

An ending where we see exactly who it was that Negan murdered.

According to the leaker, this ‘secret ending’ was originally going to be part of the opening scene for season 7.

“Yeah, we filmed this scene right after we finished filming the finale that you all saw on T.V. last night,” the leaker told Unleashed Reality.

“We were planning to use this footage for the opening scene of season 7, but then AMC fired me so I thought ‘screw them’ and decided to upload it to the Internet.”

It’s common knowledge that the T.V. show ‘The Walking Dead’ is based on the comic book series by the same name, and that the two are absolutely identical story wise.

So if you’re a fan of the comic book series, you probably won’t be surprised when you watch the secret ending, because you’ll already know who dies.

Yep, that’s right, it’s Daryl.

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