Secret Ending To ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Leaked By Former AMC Employee Shows Us Who Negan Killed

“It shouldn’t really come as a shock to any true fans of the series,” the leaker confessed, “We’ve been hinting at it for quite a while now.”

“Like, way back in season 1, we had Rick put a gun to Daryl’s head and tell him that he was going to get his head caved in by a baseball bat.”

“Another time, and I think this was during season 4, Carl had a nightmare about Daryl dying, and we all know how Carl’s visions have always come true in this show.”

The leaker then went on to reveal some more information about what to expect when season 7 begins airing in October.

“After Daryl gets his head pulverized by Lucille, Negan waits for him to be reborn as a Walker, and then proceeds to beat his head in again.”

“He does this another 18 or so times, making sure to avoid damaging Daryl’s brain so he can keep him coming back for more.”

“That’s pretty much what the entire first episode of season 7 is going to be, just an endless cycle that the main characters are forced to watch.”

Within hours of our interview with the leaker, his video was taken down from YouTube, and he was arrested for stealing and publishing copyrighted content.

AMC have released an official statement claiming that the ‘secret ending’ is false, but we all know the truth3

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