The Game of Thrones world is so vast that in Westeros, let alone Essos, there are a variety of fighting styles and weapons that many of our favorite characters use. While we may not get to see all of the best fighters encounter each other, it begs the question—who is the strongest warrior in this world? We take a look and rank the eight best fighters from the show.

Note: These rankings are not based on the current events of the books or the show, but the characters at their strongest during the series.

*List Updated 05/31/16

10. Jon Snow

Although he’s the youngest fighter on this list, Jon Snow has proven himself to be a fearsome combatant for his age. Jon’s accomplishments are many; he’s not only proven himself to be one of the finest swordsmen in the Night’s Watch, but has slain countless enemies, including many a fearsome Wildling. But all that pales in comparison to Jon’s greatest battle accomplishment so far, which is going head-to-head with one of the Night King’s most fearsome lieutenants in the season five episode “Hardhome” and living to tell the tale. Killing a White Walker, especially one as highly skilled and terrifying as that one, is definitley no small accomplishment, but the best is sure to come for Jon as he prepares to face Ramsey Bolton’s army and the rest of the White Walkers.

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