Pokemon Go How to Get Pokeballs

Hit Up Your Local Pokestop For Free Poke Balls

In “Pokemon Go,” players have the ability to interact with actual locations in their environment, whether it’s hunting an elusive Psyduck, training at your local Pokemon gym, or checking out your local Pokestop. What’s a Pokestop? Think of them as your Poke Ball refill station. Pokestops can be anything from an area landmark, to a community location such as your corner bodega or your post office.

As you approach the Pokestop indicated on the map in your game, tap on it. Flick your finger to spin it, and it’ll spit out items — usually free Poke Balls, but can include other nifty items such as eggs you can hatch into Pokemon or even potions. Sometimes you might score a ton of Poke Balls; other times, not so much. It’s all the luck of the game.

Source : romper.com