1. She was a fighter from Day 1! According to Ashley’s mother Shannon Benson, the PLL star — born December 18,, 1989 — weighed only 2 pounds 8 oz and spent the first two months of her life in the hospital. Thankfully the wee infant pulled through and proved the doctors wrong!

2. Ashley is a huge animal lover! In fact, she’s adopted two adorable pups and welcomed them into her home. Come on over and meet Olive — a Maltese Shih Tzu — and Walter, a Brussels Griffon!

3. Was she as girly and glamorous as her PLL counterpart, Hanna Marin, during her high school years? Nope! We’re actually pleasantly taken aback by what Ashley told Seventeen when the magazine editors asked about her style: “It was all over the place. I had a gothic phase, and now I’m more edgy chic.”

4. She’s a total fangirl. Better yet, she’s a Potterhead! “I went to see the new movie on opening night and dressed up,” she dished to Seventeen. “I just wore a cape and glasses and tights and boots. I was like, why not? We were working really late and some of my friends from Glee went and we all dressed up and everybody else was dressed up, so I didn’t feel out of place. It was fun! I’m very curious as to how the second part of this movie is going to turn out.” Oh, and that’s not all; just like any true fangirl, she’s a major shipper. Her favorite relationship? Team Haleb! (She exclusively told Alloy Entertainment that she wants more makeout scenes between her character and Tyler Blackburn’s!)