10 Fast Facts About Pokémon Go

By now I’m sure you’ve all played, or at the very least heard of, the latest craze sweeping the globe. Pokémon Go is the latest success from the wonder boys over at Nintendo. The app uses your GPS and internet connection to pinpoint your location and display it on the apps map, following your every step and displaying Pokémon, Pokéstops and gyms when you get close enough to each option. The app has become such a huge hit for the way it combines the world of nature and nostalgia so perfectly, giving us Gameboy gamers the option to relive the world of the 151. Here we’re going to look at 10 facts about this fantastic concept that doesn’t show signs of stopping.

  1. At one stage Pokémon Go’s downloads surpassed Tinder on Android devices, with 60% of US downloaders using it daily for around 43 minutes.
  2. Nintendo are raking in the benefits of the app, even though Pokémon Go is of course a free download, Nintendo’s stock prices increased by 23% after the app’s launch.
  3. Niantic used locations from Ingress, a previous game, to construct the Pokémon Go world. Niantic worked alongside Nintendo to create the app.
  4. On 8th July 2016, near a Wyoming river, a 19-year-old girl; Shayla Wiggins stumbled upon a body floating in the water, and not the dream water Pokémon she was searching for. Don’t worry Shayla; it would only have been a Magikarp anyway.
  5. Pokémon Go had 15 million downloads in it’s first week of release. It also set a new record by generating $200m in revenue in the first month, earning seven times more than Candy Crush in its first month, and nearly doubling Clash Royale.