Full List Of Pokémon You’ll Be Able To Hatch Once Gen 2 Arrives, And What Eggs They’ll Be In

Ever wondered why certain Pokémon are in certain eggs in Pokémon GO? Well, we’ve finally got an answer now thanks to Reddit user Vivpix who has done a little detective work by looking into the main Pokémon games.

By looking at the data available from the main Pokémon games and analyzing how many steps it takes to hatch certain Pokémon, it was clear to Vivpix that a pattern existed between Pokémon GO and the main series.

“Basically, everything below 5000 steps becomes a 2km egg, 5000-5999 steps (the majority of Pokémon) are 5km eggs and everything over 6000 steps becomes a 10km egg, which explains why stuff like Eevee is in there,” Vivpix posted on the Pokémon GO subreddit.

Vivpix also took the time to create an infographic that shows every hatch-able Pokémon from Gen 2 and what egg they’re likely to hatch from if this pattern isn’t changed. We’ve split it into three separate sections (for 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs), and included the name and Pokedex number for each Pokémon.

Gen 2 Pokémon That Will Hatch From 2km Eggs

Source: Vivpix

Here’s the list as a table with each Pokémon’s name and Pokédex number:

Pokedex # Pokémon
#152 Chikorita
#155 Cyndaquil
#158 Totodile
#161 Sentret
#163 Hoothoot
#165 Ledyba
#167 Spinarak
#172 Pichu
#173 Cleffa
#174 Igglybuff
#175 Togepi
#183 Marill