New Update is Possibly Coming This Week, Here’s What to Expect

Remember the features that appeared in the original Pokémon Go ad? There was a tracking feature that looked way more helpful than the one we have now and a trading feature. These features (and a few others) are definitely coming at some point and it might be sooner than you think.

A new update appears to be dropping this week. Here’s what we know according to an article from iTech Post:



“Some of the features that Pokémon Go fans can expect on its September 5 update may include: refreshed Pokémon Tracker, Trading Pokémon, Special Incense, Legendary Pokémon, Buddy Pokémon, and VR Support.”

  1. Legendaries

According to Gamenguide:

“The game codes also mention the presence of the Legendary Pokémons that are missing in ‘Pokémon Go.’ The code activity_catch_legend_Pokémon is a proof that players of “Pokémon Go” can soon catch Legendary Pokémons with the latest update in the game.

    1. Gabriel Rodriguez September 2, 2016

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