Pokemon GO Buddy System Confirmed by Niantic

The Pokemon GO Development Team confirms today that it will be implementing the rumored Buddy Pokemon system, suggesting that the update is coming soon.

Pokemon GO, despite its relatively short lifespan on the mobile games market, has gone through many different iterations. What began as a buggy yet addictive mobile app has successfully managed to transition through the loss of 15 million daily Pokemon GO users and into a game that has made noticeably large strides toward upgrading its features and overall performance. The development team behind Pokemon GO has been busy attempting to meet the expectations of over 200 million players, and unbelievably, the process has been met with fan support in recent weeks.

Hot on the heels of a Pokemon GO update that added Pokemon appraisal to the game’s growing roster of features, the Pokemon GO Development Team took to the game’s official website to announce the next addition that trainers can look forward to. The next Pokemon GO feature will be the rumored Buddy Pokemon system, which will allow players to pick their favorite Pokemon from their collection as their “buddy”, a title that will grant trainers bonuses while playing Pokemon GO.

The Pokemon GO Buddy Pokemon system, which was first discovered by datamining Pokemon GO, will add what the development team hopes will be “helpful” rewards. One such reward will see players awarded Candy just for walking together with their Buddy Pokemon, and the Buddy Pokemon will also appear alongside fans’ trainer avatars on their profile screens. Of course, Pokemon friendship can be a fickle thing, as there is always a higher CP Dragonite on the horizon – as such, the development team has already confirmed that players can change their Buddy Pokemon at any time.