10km Egg And How To Find Them In Pokemon Go Theory

Well, I live in a rural area. When I first started playing Pokemon Go, I got a 10km egg from a VERY secluded Pokéstop. I thought nothing of it and got a 100cp Onix. Fast forward to level 20 and I get my second 10km egg. It’s from the same Pokéstop as I got my first one, and it is also the second time I visited it.

Working off the theory that 10km eggs are predetermined as to what pokestops they can drop from, I hatched all my current eggs and camped the Pokéstop until I had all 9 eggs. 6/9 Eggs were 10km eggs. Ever since I have returned to the same Pokéstop after I hatch my eggs, and so far I’ve gotten around fifteen 10km eggs and twenty 5km eggs. I did not get any 2km eggs.

This seems to be working pretty damn fine for me and perhaps we could track this particular 10km eggstops as well as nests with upcoming apps in development?

Edit: My refined conclusion is that distance plays no part and that each Pokéstop has some type of modifier attached to it. While many pokestops have a basic drop rate, some also have a modifier.

While it is possible that it is coincidence, there are multiple reports of statistical in probabilities which would lead one to believe that in fact there is a modifier which affects pokestops and their egg drop rates. This would account for the severe disparity between different players.

At this point in time I would like to hear from people who have multiple friends with them when they get their 10kms and ask you if you see any correlation amongst your groups 10km egg drops and certain pokestops.

I personally have taken a group of 5 people to my “special” pokestop and managed to see around 7/15 of the eggs that came out that day as 10km eggs and the rest as 5km eggs. This is another LARGE statistical improbability seeing as none of these people had ever even had a 10km egg before that stop.

This was post written by sds111