10 Facts and Fibs About Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are one of, if not the most, well-known rock bands of the progressive rock genre, capturing the essence of lengthy instrumental passages and complementing them with memorable vibes and clear lyrics. Their concepts were compelling, from early psychedelic eccentricities to the formation of a concept album. They were shaped by Barrett’s inventiveness, Water’s writing skill and passion, Gilmour’s affection for chords and yet simplicity, Wright’s compositional knowledge, Nick Mason’s resourcefulness, and the numerous jazz influences they were inspired by and would frequently come back to. This list attempts to highlight some relatively unknown facts about Pink Floyd as well as addressing myths about the band. The list is in an order deemed relevant.

10 Nick Mason Signs On

Nick Mason is the longest running member of Pink Floyd, from the Barrett era to the times of the dehydrated Floyd (i.e. without Roger Waters). In his time with Pink Floyd he rarely ventured out of his comfort zone of percussive instruments, taking failed violin lessons and providing special effects and sounds. But how did the band acquire him as a drummer? According to Mark Blake, author of “Comfortably Numb: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd,” Nick Mason was looked well upon as a drummer because he could provide the funds and transport to buy instruments and get them to gigs. Despite this oversight by the band, Mason proved to be an effective drummer, and contributed to the composition of such songs as Time, Echoes, and Speak to Me (solely credited to him). His voice is also featured on the track One of These Days.