5 Characters ‘The Walking Dead’ Can Let Negan Kill.

Negan’s entry is going to hit The Walking Dead like a shooting star.I completely anticipate that this will be a standout amongst the most discussed scenes of the show ever, if all works out as expected. Yet, to talk about that plan, we must get into spoiler region. The show does not follow the same route as in the comics and that is the thing that we’ll discuss here with Negan’s potential victim hit list. So here goes….

1. Daryl – The Nuclear Option


In my opinion, Daryl may be one to be sacrificed to Negan. Daryl has been personally involved in each strike on Negan’s Saviors. He is also one of the few characters caught after the events of last episode. Daryl is likewise a character totally free from comic legend, given that his character doesn’t exist there. His death would not have to change any comic storylines going ahead, other than the fact that Glenn would still be alive.

But then, there are two effective contentions against Daryl dying. The first is the fan response. As it is, he’s the most cherished character on the show by most of the fan base, and slaughtering him wouldn’t only be shocking, it would scar ridiculous. To such an extent that it may really handicap the show’s fan base itself, given how vexed individuals would be about it. Enormous characters may die, however some center characters just can’t.

The second issue is a peculiar one, yet it’s a marking concern. AMC has practically made Daryl the substance of The Walking Dead, not Rick. He’s on every promotion and he’s the star of the iPhone game. Murdering him would not simply make fans cry, it could really hurt the Walking Dead “brand” in AMC’s perspective, so they won’t not give it a chance to happen therefore.

In any case, from creative point of view, I think Daryl would be the best pick here. There is truly nobody else that Negan could execute that would have a greater amount of an effect, and Daryl’s flexibility from the comics makes him accessible to be yielded in what is sincerely the greatest moment of the comics, past or present.