Baby Pokemon Will Also Be Included in Pokemon GO Gen 2 Release

The new update that includes the buddy system will be coming any days from now but aside from that update, most of us are also excited to see the coming of the gen 2 Pokemon.

We already know that the gen 2 Pokemon includes 100 Pokemon but that’s not all. Did you know that gen 2 Pokemon release will also include and introduce the baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

In the previous Pokemon games, baby Pokemon weren’t caught and they likely allow trainers to get them from hatching an egg. Take note that not all Pokemon has a baby Pokemon version. There are also baby Pokemon that can only be found in gen 2 version like Togepi.

Quoted from Gamenguide;

These are basically Pokémon which are hatched from an egg through Pokémon breeding and will continue the legacy of evolution of some Pokémon which includes Onyx, Zubat, Chansey and Evee. Since breeding is limited only to very few Pokémons, it is not likely that these can be bred in order to produce Legendary types.

When the gen 2 Pokemon was released in Pokemon GO, trainers will also have a chance to acquire this cute baby Pokemon by hatching an egg. Each baby Pokemon can be hatched from different eggs depending on their rarity. Below is the screenshot of baby Pokemon and which egg you can get them.