With this trick you can walk extra KM for EGG without moving and getting banned

We all strive to get the maximum distance to hatch our eggs while playing Pokémon Go. One thing that has helped me get a little extra distance is changing the accuracy of your GPS. On android devices you can use; high accuracy, power saving or GPS only.

Most of us have this automatically set to high accuracy to improve our driving directions. However, I found out that if you change this setting to power saving, it uses WiFi and mobile networks to detect your location. After you changed that setting, turn off your phone’s WiFi connection and now it should only track you with mobile networks which is far less reliable.

Good thing though, is that your player will be where your at, but will do a little bit of extra walking on it’s own while determining your location. While your moving, you do not need to do anything else and you will rack up those kilometers!

If you are stopped and your player is still moving, make sure you bounce your phone a little to trick your pedometer that you are walking. Nice, easy, simple trick to gain some extra kilometers! This has worked for a few people that I play Pokémon with as well as myself. Let me know how it works for you! Happy hunting!