There’s a way to make Pikachu jump on your shoulder in Pokemon Go

We have a nice little tip to turn Pikachu into a Shoulder Buddy during your Pokemon Go adventures.

Thanks to the recently rolled out update by Niantic, there’s now a way to make Pikachu jump on your shoulder. Here’s how it can be done.

According to the people at TheSilphRoad, Pikachu begins as a normal Buddy in Pokemon Go. However, once you complete walking 10 KM with Pikachu, it jumps onto your shoulder.

This little cosmetic change is really sweet indeed. This, however doesn’t improve the statistics or make Pikachu stronger in any way so don’t expect him to start doing some ninja moves or taking down stronger Pokemon just because he is in your shoulder now.

The researchers at TheSilphRoad are currently researching on more easter egg scenarios that might have made their way into the game thanks to the newly implemented Buddy system: