This Awesome Discovery Shows You EXACTLY Where To Find Dragonite In Pokemon GO!

Are you still trying to find Dragonite in Pokemon GO? Unless you’ve been farming Dratini since the game was released, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve not managed to find a Dragonite yet. That’s not your fault, though; Dragonite is the rarest Pokemon in the game, and is incredibly hard to find.

Or, I should say, Dragonite was incredibly hard to find. New data coming out of The Silph Road over on Reddit may have just figured out the best place to find Dragonite in the wild, and it’s all linked to the humble Clefairy, and very, very high areas. Let me explain.

Where to find Dragonite:

The first mention of the Clefairy/Dragonite theory was made on The Silph Road subreddit, and postulated that wherever Clefairys spawn, Dragonites are also likely to spawn. The person who made the thread, a guy nick-named “sowok”, shared the data he had gathered from over 6 million spawns in his local area.

And, sure enough, wherever Clefairys spawned commonly, Dragonites also spawned (albeit much, much less frequently). This discovery led to hundreds of players scouring their areas for Clefairys in the hopes that they too would find Dragonite, and many were successful.

But, in true Silph Road fashion, there was more research to be done. Would you really be able to find Dragonite just by finding a Clefairy spawn? Is it actually that easy? Well, the short answer to that question is “no”.

As it turns out, it’s not enough to simply roll up to a Clefairy spawn and hope to find Dragonite. You also need to be up high. Like, really high. A redditor who goes by the name of “iamjli” analysed the elevation data of over 2,000 Clefairy spawns and 200 Dragonite spawns, and came to the conclusion that elevation was also a significant factor.