Supernatural Season 12 – Pretty Little Liars actress set to play hunter

One of the ideas for “Supernatural” season 12 seems to be taking a back-to-basics approach, and with that of course could come some reminders that Sam and Dean Winchester are not the only hunters that are out there. (Of course, we always knew that this was the case, but it’s not like we tend to see a lot of them very often.)

Well, we know for sure one reminder will be coming in the upcoming sixth episode of the season. Per a new report from Variety, “Pretty Little Liars” actress Kara Royster is going to be playing the part of Alicia, a fellow hunter who will intersect the Winchesters’ path in some way. She has a brother named Max, and apparently was raised by the witch. That may not be the most in-depth bit of casting info ever, but it’s more substantial than we get for some shows in advance. (Think, more or less, the entire Shonda Rhimes catalog.)