Dude orders 250 Pokemon soft toys from ”soft toy uncle” but did not collect them

By now everyone knows the heartbreaking story of Uncle David who is currently living in Kuala Lumpur and he is diagnosed with cancer.

He sells soft toys everyday at Uptown, Damansara for a living with small profit he gains from each toy sold is just enough for him to get by.

Recently a irresponsible man decided to order 250 soft toys from him and he did not collect them.

A netizen from Facebook shared a heartbreaking image of Unclde David being surrounded by a pile of soft toys.

The user said, “Please help this uncle, an asshole ordered 250 Pokemon from this uncle but never turn up to collect. Now uncle David’s hard earned money is stuck with the stock. Please share and help out this poor Uncle David.”
You can always find Uncle David at Damansara Uptown’s HSBC bank at 11am onwards. You can help Uncle David by sharing this story for any of you who’s interested in his soft toys.