“Supernatural”: 15 Amazing Facts You Should Know..

Supernatural: The original concept  ……

Eric Kripke’s original idea for what would become Supernatural was a show following a pair of reporters going to investigate urban legends and writing about them in their newspaper column. There was not a Winchester brother in sight! It also went under the name of Unnatural. Later on producers decide to change it to Supernatural.

Luckily for all us Supernatural fans, Kripke scratched his initial idea for the series we know and love!


Oh, Baby, oh…

If you were to ask Supernatural  fans to name the make and model of Dean’s beloved “Baby,” they would quickly blurt the answer out and roll their eyes at you for asking such a trivial question. After all, every Supernatural fan knows Dean drives a 67′ Chevy Impala!

However, if the production team had gone with their original plan, that answer would be very different.

In the early stages of production, Dean’s beloved vehicle was originally supposed to be a 65′ Mustang. In the end, the Impala won out as it was said to look rougher than the 65′ Mustang and it could also fit a body in its trunk – something that’s come in very handy over the years.