23 Super Cool Facts You May Not Know About League of Legends

1. Zilean Is Named After the Game’s Design Director

Zilean, the great Chronokeeper, is named after Tom “Zileas” Cadwell, a design director at Riot Games. Cadwell’s got an impressive pedigree, with a computer science degree from MIT, and credits at Blizzard on Warcraft III The Frozen Throne and WoW.

2. The Game References a 14th-Century Italian Knight

The famous Italian fencing master Fiore dei Liberi had a large influence on martial arts, due mainly to his illuminated manuscripts which have survived for over 600 years. In League of Legends, the character Fiora uses fencing as her fighting style and she has a very similar name.

3. Tristana’s Buster Shot is an Homage to Mega Man

There’s another blue action hero with a buster shot you might have heard of before. The resemblance is uncanny.

4. Hang Out After You Win the Howling Abyss for a Fun Bonus

After you win the Howling Abyss, be patient for about half a minute and the Ice Witch Lissandra will give some cool narration in her frosty aristocratic accent. It was the best of times and the worst of times. It was the time of the three sisters…

5. Nidalee Highly Resembles Nävis From the French Graphic Novel “Wake”

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Riot, the bestial huntress Nidalee could be based on Nävis from the illustrated series Wake. Nävis is also a jungle dweller who just so happens to have a cougar-like companion.