6 Things You Need to Know About FIFA 17

EA Sports must be pretty pleased Manchester United’s 18-year-old striker has made it into Roy Hodgson’s squad for Euro 2016 because new mode The Journey is pretty much a Marcus Rashford simulator.

Like a supercharged version of the existing Be a Pro mode, you play as young hopeful Alex Hunter. Pick a Premier League team and it’ll guide you through his journey from fresh-faced nobody to the next Neymar, via matches, training sessions and interviews (there’s an RPG-style conversation tree for you to select responses).

What you work on in training dictates what kind of player you become but, to quote Jamie Carragher, nobody grows up wanting to be a Gary Neville, do they?

EA Sports has been trying to add more physicality to FIFA for a few years, but it’s never got it quite right. The Protect the Ball action in FIFA 16 (deployed by squeezing the left trigger) is along the right lines, but FIFA 17 takes it up a notch.

Players are now better at putting their bodies between the ball and an opponent in an attempt to shield it while waiting for support to arrive, plus they can now hold players off at goal kicks in an attempt to take the ball down, rather than just head it away.