Top 5 Things Wrong With Pokemon GO

1.Lack of Improvisation:
Pokémon Indigo was a part of the 90s kids. Every day at a fixed time we were present in front of TV just to watch that show where Ash and Pikachu traveled together with a dream to be the very best and with them in a sub conscious mind we walked the long way hand in hand. Then when the Pokémon mini games got released, we went crazy with our Gameboy to have that dream fulfilled in a virtual world. Also Pokemon Playing Cards was so popular it was almost like our school currency. Then we all passed the stage of being a kid, the dream was gone and now Pokemon again came back to us to pursue that dream in the name of “Pokémon GO.” But this game only offered us the chance of catching all the Pokémon and just controlling over the gym. To be honest it doesn’t have the main thing of Pokemon- Pokemon Battles! But we needed some real competition like a tournament and they could spice things up by introducing something like the Team Rocket. Yes, that’s what we are missing, that’s why from doing the same thing, again and again, we got bored and many of us left this game. But Hopefully Niantic will pave the way to fulfilling our long awaited dream, and all we can do is to wait for that day.