Top 5 Things Wrong With Pokemon GO

5.It lacks the Pokemon Vibe

On Social Medias, currently the biggest ‘ Pokemon Go’ fan base Is gathered in the page ‘ Pokemon-Go ‘ with almost 3 Million total page likes, and over 100’s of Millions of lifetime reach. link is attached in the description. There they gave a post asking fans to choose between ‘ Pokemon Go ‘ and the earlier Gameboy Pokemon Games!
Guess how the result turned out! Even though it’s a Pokemon-Go fanpage; the GBA version won by a huge margin. While GBA got 84,000 votes Pokemon Go only got around 57K.

The thing is people who are active on these pages are really hardcore Pokemon fans. Granted that the the nostalgia factor might have influenced it. Still most fans genuinely felt the earlier games had much more materials compared to that era. Of course Pokemon Go has better technology, better graphics and all that. But when it comes to the amount of things the game allows you to do, GBA games still stands apart.

So, I think Pokemon Go should include more Pokimonish feature which is true to the series. That is what would truly make our adventure more meaningful and even more realistic. Since, this is the first of it’s kind I believe they will make it more Pokemonish in the future.