‘The Walking Dead’ Renewed For Season 8 Because It’ll Never Die

AMC was so excited about renewing “The Walking Dead” for Season 8 that it did so a week before the Season 7 premiere. The news came Sunday during the show’s two-hour retrospective.

As far as announcements go, it doesn’t get more predictable. AMC should’ve probably followed up the “killer news” by adding, “Duh.” “The Walking Dead” comic creator Robert Kirkman previously speculated there could be at least 12 seasons of the show.

AMC has a ratings monster in “The Walking Dead.” Despite the numbers being down for the Season 6 finale, the show continues to be one of the most popular on TV. Plus, the anticipation for Season 7 can’t get much higher.

When the new season premieres on Oct. 23, we’ll finally find out which of our favorite characters the new baddie (a comic book favorite) Negan will take out with his barbed-wire covered baseball bat. It’s been a summer full of theories and speculation. Many fans weren’t happy that the victim wasn’t shown in the Season 6 finale; however, Kirkman said the reveal is “worth the wait.”

via huffingtonpost.com