30 Charmander in 3 Hours At MacRitchie

Hopefully this map helps those who have not been there. I had 1 ran away and probably missed 2-3. So technically, there were about 34 spawns in 3 hours.

From my own experience, spawns were regular (new ones will pop up in around 5mins or less after previous batch has despawned) before 7pm but the spawn rate was insane and continuous from 7+ to 8+.

Also caught 2 dratinis when I was there. The third one was too far away and not worth skipping out on Charmanders for.


1) Use fastpokemap to maximise your time. There is no shame in wanting to catch more Charmanders.

2) Wear comfortable shoes. I did not stay for more than 5mins at one spot because there is always another Charmander to catch.

3) Don’t be too hasty to walk away though. Sometimes, another Charmander will spawn just behind you about 2-3mins after the current one has just spawned.

4) Don’t follow the crowd (most of the time). Look at the timers on fastpokemap and plan your own route. You will cover less distance and catch more this way. I have seen so many people taking the long route or missing new spawns enroute only to rush back afterwards.

5) Reach there when there is still daylight to familiarise with the paths and routes so that you’d not be confused at night.

6) There are some spawn points by the main road. Please be aware of cars. Try not to be a nuisance to the joggers in the park as well.

via reddit.com