Expect ‘Pokémon GO’ To Make More Halloween-Like Events After Huge 133% Revenue Jump

Pokémon GO’s Halloween event wraps today, and players who returned to the game are currently drowning in candy like kids with stomachaches from too many mini Snicker’s bars. It’s definitely gotten many players to return to the game with double candy rewards and quadruple distance bonuses for walking your buddy Pokémon. But it’s also served the valuable purpose of making Niantic a ton of money.

Those with a watchful eye will have noticed that when the event launched, Pokémon GO made it back up to the top of the Highest Grossing app charts after falling a few places in recent weeks to the likes of Clash Royale, Game of War and others. But as I mentioned in an earlier piece, the nature of the update filled with so many bonuses very much encourages the purchase of lures, incense and egg incubators in particular.

Now, we’re starting to get a picture of just how successful this event was for Pokémon GO and Niantic. Analytics firm Sensor Tower is reporting a huge 133% increase in revenue from the event, tracked over at least the first five days.

“According to our Store Intelligence estimates, the game’s limited-time Halloween event for players, which ends today, increased IAP revenue approximately 133% worldwide, or 2.3X, in its first five days. The game earned approximately $23.3 million worldwide between October 25 and 29, up from approximately $10 million between October 18 and 22.”

There are a few things to note here, namely that even with claims that the game is “dying,” it was still bringing in about $2 million a day by these estimates, and secondly, that’s a huge jump for this Halloween event, so expect many others like it to follow.

Some fans are now requesting that while maybe it’s time to scale back the ghost Pokémon infesting the game, that they should keep the in-game bonuses like double candy and 1/4th distance for buddies. If it’s increasing revenue and getting players to return, then they should keep it going, right?