Pokémon GO: Top 8 Places in Singapore to Catch ‘Em All

1. Chinese Garden

Just directly beside the MRT station that shares the same name, Chinese Garden boasts a large number of PokéStops, places where you can collect items and Pokémon. There are at least 20 PokéStops scattered around the venue and its neighbour, the Japanese Garden.

While you’re constantly swiping your screen to gather everything, consider taking a visit to the ‘Bai Hong Qiao’ bridge for a short break from your expedition. Enjoy the scenic view of the Jurong Lake as you keep stock on the Pokémon you’ve caught so far!

Trainers who are looking to do battle can test out their mettle at the three gyms located nearby. You’ll definitely see many other players as well, attempting to claim the Gardens as their team’s territory!