4 Best Attack Pokemons Tier 1


Max CP 3112

  • Consistently strong defense vs. any attacker
  • Strengthens any gym, regardless of region or defenders already present

If you’re looking for consistency, look no further than Snorlax. He is the best overall gym defender in the game due to his elite base stats and unremarkable normal typing. Because of the lack of quality fighting, ghost, and steel-type moves and Pokemon in PoGO, Snorlax has no specific type counters. Though normal-type attacks are not very effective into the rock type, and there are a couple quality rock-type Pokemon, Snorlax’s raw base stats and move quality leave him able to deal with the generation 1 rock-types just fine.

Snorlax adds extremely strong defense to any gym it is placed in, both mathematically and psychologically, as he is universally recognized as a powerful defender (and deterring a player from even trying to take over your gym is even better than having to actually defend it!). The amount of time and effort required to knock down a gym with several Snorlax can discourage prospective attackers from even trying.