4 Best Attack Pokemons Tier 1


Max CP 2980

  • Water/ice typing is synergistic – powerful STAB ice-type moves protect water-type’s weaknesses
  • Elite base stats
  • Incredibly hard counter to Dragonite

Lapras’s combination of very strong base stats, access to quality defensive STAB moves, and a complementary typing for gym defense (water/ice) make her an unstoppable wall against most Pokemon in the game and render her sturdy even against opponents that manage to gain a type advantage.

Analysis suggests that defensive Lapras with Ice Shard and Ice Beam or Blizzard may carry more favorable matchups vs the generation 1 cast than any other Pokemon. This is due in large part to the fact that the ice and water types protect each other’s vulnerabilities efficiently. Two potential type-threats in the electric and fighting types are ineffective counters due to the weak base stats and movesets given to electric and fighting-type Pokemon in PoGO. Grass attacks are super-effective against Lapras, but any grass type attacker will find itself eating high-powered super effective STAB ice-type attacks. That only leaves the rock-type with a straightforward type advantage, but the best Pokemon of that type (Rhydon and Golem) are actually dual-type rock/ground Pokemon, who take super-effective damage from ice.

This narrows Lapras’s relevant type-counters down to just one: Omastar with Rock Throw + Rock Slide. Ice is not very effective into Omastar and rock is super-effective into Lapras. It should be noted, however, that a Lapras with high CP can overcome even this nasty type disadvantage.

Elite fire-types, most notably Arcanine, carry a slightly favorable matchup, due to resisting Lapras’s ice-type moves. The top rock/ground types mentioned earlier (Rhydon and Golem) still manage to perform well against Lapras when they carry Stone Edge. However, these matchups are not one-sided brutal beatdowns. A Lapras with a proper moveset is be a superb addition to any gym that isn’t already full of them. If all of this wasn’t enough to establish Lapras as a top-tier defender, don’t forget the extreme punishment that Lapras lays onto Dragonite, considered to be the most powerful attacking Pokemon in the game. Lapras annihilates Dragonite due to Dragonite’s double weakness to ice – a cherry on top for the Loch Ness Monster Turtle.