4 Best Attack Pokemons Tier 1


Max CP 2955

Exeggutor is highly valued in both the attack and defense departments. Exeggutor is a premiere Vaporeon counter due to his grass typing and strong stats. He is also an elite generalist due to being a STAB user of the largely unresisted Confusion or Zen Headbutt + Psychic combination. Experienced players know that every great gym player needs an equally great Exeggutor. His massive attack stat allows him to be even more potion-efficient than normal when dodging, but dodging isn’t necessary for him to demolish all of the common water, ground, and rock-types in the game.

However, Exeggutor is so much more than a type counter. Psychic is the strongest attacking type in PoGO, being resisted by no gym-relevant Pokemon outside of other top psychic-types. Arcanine and Dragonite give Exeggutor the most trouble, but this weakness barely tarnishes his elite reputation.