“The Walking Dead” Theory Has Just Been Confirmed

This post contains spoilers if you haven’t watched “The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 4 (Service).

A lot of people, particularly fans of TWD, has long been clamoring whether Judith was Rick’s or Shane’s. We all know that Lori already told Rick that Judith was theirs. So, this debate has been ongoing until last Sunday’s episode. In the final minutes of a rather slow-paced episode 4, “Service”, Rick told Michonne he knew Judith was not his.

He then talked about his friend, Shane (rest in pieces). He said that Shane and Lori were together because they believed he (Rick) was already dead. But it didn’t turn out that way. In one of the last episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 2, Rick killed Shane. Shane was perhaps one of the most popular characters of the franchise, but he was killed nonetheless. Lori was also killed later in Season 3 giving birth to Judith.,

Personally, even before Rick admitted Judith was not his, I believe that Judith was Shane’s. Most people just shut down that fact because Lori said it. But the odds of Rick being the father of Judith weren’t that low. But for the sake of argument, I strongly believe that what said Rick in the last episode just confirmed this “Baby Judith theory”.

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