4 Elusive Pokemon That You Die Die Cannot Catch in Singapore

If you’re scratching your head, wondering where to find the last missing few Pokémon from your collection, chances are, they simply can’t be found here in Singapore. Sure, you might get them from a hatched egg, but it’s going to take plenty of luck to do so!

If you’re looking to prove to be the very best out of the other trainers here, it’s probably time to travel overseas and start tracking down these elusive ones.

Anyway, what better reason to travel than Pokémon, right?

1. Tauros


This bull-like Pokémon is native to the North American continent, where local players have commonly seen it turn up on their phone screens.

Populated areas such as Central Park in New York City are great places to land your first capture of a wild Tauros while doing a little sightseeing! There are plenty of other things to do while waiting, such as going on a bike tour, watching a street performer or even taking a horse carriage ride!

Daytona Beach in Florida is also another location that trainers should check out. Historically known for their association with motorsports and NASCAR, the beach is also known for miles of pale sand and clear ocean waters! It’s the perfect place for long walks and relaxation, while you await the appearance of your four-legged quarry.

There are also rumours that Tauros tend to appear in rodeo-related areas. It’s a sketchy source, but if you’re interested in the idea of watching cowboys and cowgirls wrangle against real bulls, you should definitely check out a rodeo show at Wyoming, South Dakota or Texas. The sight of a professional rider easily taming a raging bull might get you blushing in embarrassment for struggling on your virtual capture!