4 Elusive Pokemon That You Die Die Cannot Catch in Singapore

3. Mr. Mime


This Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon can be found in most parts of Europe. Players have encountered Mr. Mime during their adventures, especially in crowded cities and parks around the region. However, similar to Kangaskhan, it’s not going to be a simple bag and tag expedition. Even the local fans are having a hard time tracing down its exact location, so stay alert!

There’s no better place to start your hunt than Paris! This tourist country is often associated with stereotypical French street mimes, and is a probable bet that you can find virtual ones as well. The best places to hook up for a Mr. Mime catch would be hot tourist spots, where there are plenty of Pokéstops and active lures. The Eiffel Tower and the Luxembourg Gardens are good spots to camp while enjoying a little scenery!

The city of London is also home to a population of Mr. Mimes! Local players have bumped into this Pokémon at populated areas, with many encounters occurring at the Tate Britian. This art museum showcases an era of Britsh artistry that would appeal to those with an appreciation of culture, which would probably explain why a mime Pokémon would be hanging out here!

Others, however, have mentioned that waiting by the various Pokéstop lures at the Tower of London would be a safer bet. Especially since developer Niantic recently rolled out an update that apparently scrambled the Pokémon locations, it’s better to lie in and wait for a Mr. Mime to pop up rather than going on a wild goose chase.