Top 5 Facts- Pokemon The First Movie!

3. The Japanese Staff absolutely loved the changes made to the movie.

Around 30 members of the Japanese production staff of Pokemon: The First Movie decided to watch it in theaters of the USA with the American audience, and that would be the first time they see the re-edited American version of the movie.  They were so impressed with the new visuals and original music score composed for the US version that several members were moved to tears during some of the moments like Ash’s resurrection. About 15-20 percent of the films visual were reanimated with the aim of making the scene more exciting and dynamic! The new shoots significantly grab attention as the quality was way higher than most of the film.


2. ASH never died. Though it is commonly thought that ASH was killed by Mew and Mewtwo’s blast, and was then resurrected by magical Pokemon tears, the film’s director, Takeshi Shudo, has stated that Ash was simply petrified and that the Pokemon tears revived him. However, any human if petrified would be dead in real life.

1. A direct sequel to Pokemon the first movie was released on DVD and VHS called Pokemon: Mewtwo returns. It was almost an hour long film that featured Ash and his friends encountering Mewtwo and his cloned Pokemon while traveling in the Johto region. The film performed better than expected and was a commercial success.