Pokemon Sun And Moon: A Working Method On How To Catch A Female Salandit To Get A Salazzle

Ever caught a male Salandit and expecting it to transform into Salazzle? You are not the only one. Pokemon Sun and Moon brought a new generation, so we understandably don’t know that much about the new ones. As it turns out, only a female Salandit can evolve into a Salazzle. If you have only encountered a male one, the steps below will prove to be useful.

Find A Male Fairy Type Pokemon With Cute Charm

You might have already guessed what we want to do here. You’re right. We will lure in a Pokemon Sun and Moon female Salandit where they are abundant. There are a bunch of fairy type Pokemon out there with the Cute Charm ability, but iDigitalTimes highly recommends using a male Sylveon.

The reason behind this is simple. The male population of Eevees are higher in proportion compared to others. Onto the steps – first, go to the Poke Pelago. Get a Rainbow Bean from the center tree (you might have to try and try again until the tree drops one). Next is find a male Eevee if you don’t have one already on Route 5 and grind it up to level 9.

Then, go to Pokemon Refresh and feed the Rainbow Bean to the male Eevee that’s at least level 9. It will evolve into a Sylveon that possesses the Cute Charm ability. Proceed to the next step, which involves finally getting a female Salandit in Pokemon Sun and Moon.