10 Perfect Nick Mason Quotes Part 1

I started racing myself and once you get bitten by that bug you really are hooked. Nick Mason

There are so many ingredients that are contained in ‘The Wall’ that were not necessarily contained in other Pink Floyd records, particularly following on from ‘Animals,’ which was very spare and sparse. Production on it was much more massive, the complexity of the recording was much more intense. Nick Mason

Of course, with the people you really know, no one changes that much. Nick Mason

I have about 40 cars, of which 25 to 30 are what you might call serious. Nick Mason

The reality is, like any band, you can never quite quantify who does what. Nick Mason

Ever since the Beatles, the concept of lovable mop tops, it’s a bit of a fantasy, but it’s a lovely idea that people make wonderful music and live a wonderful life being friends together. Sadly, life isn’t quite like that. Nick Mason

I’ve always liked a very dry snare and, like everyone else, a very dry bass drum. Nick Mason

I was brought up in a car family, my dad loved cars and I was taught the art of making an Austin 7 operate. Nick Mason

The fact of the matter is that 40 years ago, unless you bought the record, you couldn’t hear the music. It was such a narrow track in comparison to today. Nick Mason

Watching something being constructed, whether you’re passing a building site or whether you’re watching an artist at work, is fascinating, and I think that’s the enjoyment. Nick Mason