Pokemon GO Singapore: Fresh list of Rare Pokemon spawn nests

Niantic’s smash-hit augmented-reality game ‘Pokemon GO’ has received some fresh changes to the spawn locations of Rare Pokemons in Singapore, following the nest-migration on 6 October. Veteran members of the Pokemon GO community have updated the full list of freshly-migrated spawn nests via Reddit to aid users in their quest for hunting the rarest Pokemons in the new AR game.

This updated-list of new spawn nests pertains to the second nest-migration in October wherein it contains all locations that spawn a specific type of Pokemon more than once every hour. The new consolidated list for Rare Pokemon spawning locations has been posted to a new Reddit thread titled ‘Nest locations following 06 October migration and other informative links‘.

The list is based on data tracked via SGPokeMap and crowdsourced information and hence it is likely to contain both nests and habitats as explained by its creator, test1ngreddit.