Legendary Pokemon GO Christmas event secrets revealed

Niantic’s December update is rumored to be a legendary event doozy, bringing more than just the expected Christmas-week event bonuses. To prepare for the events that’ll be taking place over the next month, we’ve been told by our trusty anonymous tipster to tell readers to stock up on Pidgeys. Not just because Pidgey is the most common source for Ditto, but because Pidgey is the most effective source for XP in the whole Pokemon GO universe.

Christmas will be an event that’ll be more akin to the Pokemon GO Halloween event than Thanksgiving. While the Thanksgiving-time Pokemon GO Celebration event was great for XP and Stardust bonuses, it’s the more-common odd Pokemon we’re excited about. With Christmas and the other year-end holidays in full effect, several not-often-common Pokemon have been tipped to appear.

The following Pokemon are under consideration for appearing more commonly than normal. While they may not end up making the cut, as it was for Thanksgiving, they may well appear with the commonality that Ghost Types were during Halloween. Watch for the following near the last two weeks of the year.

• Staryu
• Starme
• Clefairy
• Clefable
• Seel
• Dewgong
• Snorlax

While there are plenty of holiday-friendly Pokemon available in the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y generations, it’s only the next 100 that’ll come with the game’s next update. Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver have very few monsters that fit the holiday theme. It’s still undecided whether Niantic will pull the trigger on Generation 2 before the end of this year.