Legendary Pokemon GO Christmas event secrets revealed

Winter is coming for more than just the northern-most regions of the world, and it’s getting cold outside. As such, walking great distances will become more of a burden to the everyday Pokemon GO trainer. To combat the effects of winter on the general population, Niantic will likely reduce the distance required to walk for Buddy Pokemon during the holiday break event.
As we discussed before the Thanksgiving event, Niantic’s intent with future events will be solidified with the most Turkey-laden of days. Niantic has made it their mission to make the most of every holiday made official by public schools across the United States. As such, the end of the year could rack up a double-event.

Schools in the United States generally take one week off at the end of the year – one week at LEAST. Niantic is sure to take advantage of this free time by having a week-long event with double XP and double Stardust. They might also take this opportunity to release the three Legendary Pokemon birds yet to see the light of day.

If these three Legendary bird Pokemon appear during the holiday break, they’ll likely pop up as gifts to Pokemon players on each of the three Pokemon GO teams. Similar to how Pokemon pop up at the beginning of the game on the map regardless of the location of the player, these three Legendary bird Pokemon will follow – one of three, that is to say. This release has yet to be officially confirmed.

via slashgear.com