A Interesting Fan Theory About Pokemon GO Christmas Event

A pokemon go player has a theory about pokemon go christmas event. According to korvokare

(Theory of a pattern observer)

Ok, I am not the only one that is not very pleased with the current christmas event; such wasted potential. However I believe I have figured out Niantics pattern for events, and what we got on Monday was just a pinch of what’s to be expected.

For starters, looking at every nest migration you will notice it happens on the 1st, 3rd (and sometimes 5th) Thursday of each month. This pattern has not changed so they obviously care about being punctual.

Now lets take a look at the halloween event. Day of announcement and activation of the halloween event. Oct 26th 2016. (Wednesday) . Next the Thanksgiving announcement active November 23rd 2016(Wednesday).

If my theory is correct we can look forward to the real Christmas event starting either the 14th(today), or the 21st. I have a keen mind to marketing and business, so more then likely we should expect to see something drop on both dates, maximizing their profits by grabbing the medias attention twice for big releases.

Again this is just a theory. I have no reason for my conclusion other than what I have stated. Looking forward to reading everyones opinion. Have fun and happy hunting.