Pokemon GO Philippines: Best Nest Places

Hi PokemonGo addicts! I have a list of places where you can get rare or uncommon pokemons in Philippines, here it goes:

Luneta – Best place ever! I went there and there are lots of people gathering at the Jose Rizal Monument and at the Carabao statues, these two spots are always on lure modules, they have a 100% chance to spawn rare ones, watch out! Sometimes the crowd runs when a rare pokemon spawned near those location!

Makati City – Part of Greenbelt and Glorietta are the best places to stay on, why? Cuz those places are filled with tons of Pokestops, during weekends, almost all of them are on lure, be careful, your phone might crash or lag, it happens to me too :(

AlabangAlabang Town Center and Festival Mall are the best spots in Alabang, the same as Makati City, if you want a lot of Pokemon, go there during weekends, they always have lures, but it has lesser chance to have a rare than in Luneta