Here’s a few examples of why the new tracking system is a bad idea in SG

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Hi all, I’ve had the chance to try out the new tracker in a remote part of Sentosa where Pokestops are scarce and I don’t think it should be implemented permanently to be honest as it’s useless for discovering Pokemon that don’t spawn next to Pokestops. Here’s a few examples to illustrate my point.

Here’s a Slowpoke that just popped up behind me, nothing on Nearby list. No Slowpoke on Sightings either when I expand the list.

I’m trying to track a Magnemite and according to the new tracker it’s at a Pokestop 800m away but look what just popped out in front of me

I finally got to the Pokestop 800m away and according to Sightings there’s an Omanyte right at the Pokestop, but it doesn’t even pop out when I reach the Pokestop? So where is it exactly?

I get to a pathway along the shore far from any Pokestop and a Dratini along with 2 other Pokes not in the Nearby list suddenly pop up.. I expand the Sightings list and none of them are even on the list. All the Pokemon listed are spawns next to Pokestops. Amazing.

Further up along the shoreline with no Pokestops around, I encounter another Dratini but yet again there is nothing in the Nearby or Sightings list. Everything on Sightings/Nearby are spawning near Pokestops. So ‘effin disappointing.

Once the 3rd-party tracker sites are shut out of Niantic’s API again, we will have no chance of discovering rare Pokemon that frequently spawn far away from Pokestops. Lapras is a good example of this as it spawns in Water/Electric Biomes around the coastline, you could be cruising the shores of Sentosa or ECP and not even know that it’s 100m to your right because the tracker is showing you a Magnemite at the next Pokestop.

I strongly encourage everyone to leave their feedback regarding this issue on Niantic’s official social media channels: