Westworld theories that will change how you watch the show

In the long wait for the next season of Game of Thrones, it seems the theorizing powers of the internet have been unleashed on HBO’s Westworld, unleashing fan theories that have become more complex with each episode. Some are plausible, others are downright wacky, but keeping them in mind while watching the show can create a whole new experience.

Maeve is a pawn


For those most loyal to Team Maeve, the discovery in the season finale that someone is pulling the strings in her little insurrection is disheartening to say the least. But then the question arises: who is the puppet master? An early suggestion by Redditor GardyBot was Delos were the ones responsible for hacking Maeve into sentience to get her out of the park so they could get their grubby mitts on the intellectual property Ford was keeping from them. They even positioned Clementine to receive a lobotomy knowing it would push Maeve further down the road to rebellion.

Another possibility is that it was Ford pulling her strings in order for her escape attempt to distract security and isolate Quality Assurance while the Delos board of directors was surrounded by vengeful robots with a newfound ability to kill. Bernard basically states outright she had broken out of her loop before, and we have to admit things were going just a bit too well for her.

This is partially backed up by the behavior of the ostensibly human security teams sent to “stop” the escape attempt. They really took an unreasonable amount of time to start firing, preferring to plaintively ask the escaping hosts to drop their weapons and freeze all motor functions even as their comrades were gunned down around them. Even when they did open fire, their aim was so bad it would make an Imperial Stormtrooper blush. It would all make sense if they were hosts programmed to simply get in the way and keep humans from danger while doing nothing to stop Maeve from leaving.

The question arises whether the plan succeeded. According to the plan Bernard showed Maeve, the final visible step was “Mainland Infiltration.” She almost got there, but seeing the human mother and child made her change her mind, perhaps the first real decision she’d made. She knew the memories of her daughter were false, but she chose to go back for her anyway. So perhaps she was dancing to the beat of someone else’s drum right up until that last moment. On the other hand, Felix gave her the note with her daughter’s location, and he could be someone’s cat’s paw.

Trouble is, those most likely to be the one’s controlling Maeve were Ford, the Delos board, and Arnold. Ford and Arnold are dead, and it’s likely most of the Delos board will be soon. So this show might not be just robots vs. humans, but robots vs. ghosts. Which would be amazing.