Everything About Pokemon GO Christmas Event

While Niantic decided to stall the Christmas Event for a few days they’ve seem to have kept their eyes on the community waiting very eagerly for a Christmas update. Tons of trainers thought there would be no event for it which made no sense considering Niantic is a company from America.

The update will bring us a bunch of cool features for the holiday such as an increased hatch rate for Togepi, Pichu and several other Pokemon that have recently been released. This is a great opportunity for trainers to try and get a Togetic or a Pikachu with a Santa hat since those will have increase spawns while sticking around at Poke Stops for a bit longer.

In addition to this holiday event, Niantic has also decided to increase spawns for starter Pokemon, this includes increased spawns for their Evolution chain as’well. This isn’t the end of the special event either, Niantic has also decided to extend the time for Lure modules from 30 minutes to 60 minutes for the event in order to increase the communities luck on catching them.